CMC & Swarovski®

CMC Crystal Pianos with real molded Swarovski® Crystals in the acrylic! The acrylic made by Acrylic Couture Germany. Paintings made by Stefan Damman. CMC is the only piano manufacturer that is allowed to work with this very special acrylic made by Acrylic Couture ( For more information please contact us or send an email to:

The picture of the sample with molded Swarovski® Crystals (first picture) is real!

Real sample of molded Swarovski® Crystals in acrylic. Made by Acrylic Couture Germany

Because I usually have to sign for secrecy and certainly the Swarovski® designs, no real photos below. Apologies for that!

The piano pictures below are computer renders.
CMC upright piano with real molded goose feathers and molded Swarovski® Crystals.