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Click here for: CMC and Acrylic Couture participant at the “Masters of LXRY” 2015 (YouTube)
The Company
The Crystal Music Company (CMC) is since 1996 the world´s only manufacturer for real fully custom-made transparent Grand Pianos.
These Crystal Grand Pianos are extremely elegant, timeless, bewitching and beautiful.
The standard sizes of this CMC fully transparent Grand Piano: Model *Boris (170 cm or 5’6), Model *Cécile (193 cm or 6’4). For other customized sizes, please contact us.
It’s lively sound, pure, bright and warm will enchant any demanding pianist. The sensual designs will captivate each listener.
We can deliver all our models in two construction designs: ‘CMC Second edition’ and ‘CMC Next generation’
*Boris is the most creative son of the designer Peter A. Tol and *Cécile his musically gifted daughter.
Worldwide delivery!