We often get requests for a cheaper alternative for our CMC Crystal Grand Pianos.
We introduced our “budget” line: Pjotr crystal grand piano (semi/half acrylic models).
pjotr-crystal-grand-piano-1-90m Pjotr semi/half acrylic crystal grand piano 1.90m
Pjotr grand pianos are at least similar quality as all other half crystal piano brands.
              Our budget line Pjotr is 100% produced and assembled in Asia.
              Piano parts: made in Germany
              Acrylic: Asian quality (like most acrylic pianos from other brands).
              The quality of this Asian acrylic is real good and much cheaper than our CMC line Acrylic Grand Pianos.
The Pjotr grand piano comes in two sizes: 1.70m and 1.90m.
              Color on demand.
              LED lighting.
              Piano-player system
              All Pjotr crystal pianos will be 100% followed, controlled and delivered by our own CMC engineers.
The prices of the Pjotr crystal pianos start at: € 50.000
The CMC line starts at € 170.000 (complete other concept)
When you want to see some more pictures of a Pjotr crystal grand piano or you want more information please contact us.
Worldwide delivery!