We often get requests for a cheaper alternative for our CMC Crystal Grand Pianos
This is our “budget” line: Pjotr Crystal Grand Pianos (semi/half acrylic model)
pjotr-crystal-grand-piano-1-90m Pjotr semi/half acrylic crystal grand piano
Pjotr grand pianos are the same quality as our CMC line Crystal Pianos but less transparent.
Our budget line Pjotr is 100% produced and assembled in Europe
 Piano parts: made in Germany.
Acrylic: same quality as our CMC Crystal Grands (30 years yellowing warranty)
             Color on demand.
              LED lighting.
              Piano-player system
              Insite painting
All Pjotr crystal pianos will be 100% created and delivered by our own CMC engineers.
When you want to get more information about the Pjotr crystal grand piano please contact us
Worldwide delivery!